Book Excerpt

"Apache Fire"

by Elizabeth Lane

Excerpt from "Apache Fire"

This was a man who trusted no one. A man alone, his spirit raw with unhealed wounds.
Had he known many women? Surely he had. Latigo’s rugged features and dark, feral grace would be enough to draw the gaze of any female he passed. But love? Rose mentally shook her head. Loving a man like Latigo would be like loving the wind.

His knuckles brushed her leg as he reached for the wrappings again. The unexpected touch sparked a ripple of awareness through Rose’s body. She turned to find him looking up at her, his eyes intent but guarded.

“Who are you?” she whispered again, quivering as his gaze pierced her defenses like a stone-tipped arrow.

“To you—no one and nothing,” he murmured. “A passing ghost with the first light of sunrise.”

“So when will you go?” Rose heard herself asking…

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