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March 2013

Dear Readers,

Where does the time go? I’ve been up to my ears in work and new happenings. My very first Harlequin Desire, IN HIS BROTHER’S PLACE, was released in January 2013 to some great reviews. You can see the beautiful cover and read an excerpt on this site. It’s already coming out in foreign editions. I have the UK Mills & Boon version, combined with another Desire novel, and also the India version, a first for me!

My second Desire, THE SANTANA HEIR will be out in July. It’s set partly in Arizona and partly in the beautiful country of Peru, which I visited not long ago. My heroine, Grace, is about to finalize the adoption of her late stepsister’s baby when she finds out the little boy is heir to a vast fortune in South America. Throw in the boy’s sexy uncle and the sparks will fly. More later.

I have two more Desires under contract and am so excited about writing for this popular, passionate line. The first one, THE NANNY’S SECRET is with my editor. No release date yet but I’ll keep you posted. In the story, a billionaire Colorado ski resort owner is faced with taking in a baby when his teenage daughter shows up on his doorstep nine months pregnant. When the perfect nanny shows up, he hires her. But there is more to Leigh than meets the eye.

The second Desire, which I just finished is set in East Africa. ONCE BETRAYED (my title which I hope to keep) is about two people who share a tragic past that makes them unable to trust. I’ll tell you more about their journey later.

Now to Historicals. THE BALLAD OF EMMA O’TOOLE is finally set for September 2013. And after some arguing and pleading...yes I get to keep the title! The story’s set in Park City, Utah, which is just over the mountain from where I live. Emma is left poor and pregnant when Billy John, the father of her child, is shot and killed by gambler Logan Devereaux. With his dying breath, Billy John makes Emma swear to avenge his death. How she carries out that vengeance makes a compelling story. Waiting and wondering on this book has been especially hard since I love it so much. It is truly a book of my heart. I can hardly wait to have you read it.

After that, would you believe another historical Western? I’d already started on THE COUNTESS AND THE COWBOY when I got the new offers from Desire, so this project has been on hold, with plans for a 2014 release. All I can tell you is I came up with the title, and then had to think of a story to go with it. I plan on having a lot of fun with this one. Stay tuned.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the “Petticoats and Pistols” blog site I share with ten wonderful Western authors. We’re having so much fun there—so will you. And we hope you’ll like our newly redesigned site.   The link is: http://www.petticoatsandpistols.com

Until next time, happy reading.


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