Once upon a time . . .  there was a little girl with a very big imagination.  She loved dressing up and pretending. She loved animals and exploring new places. Most of all she loved making up stories.

The little girl grew up and went to college.  Because she loved animals, she majored in Biology. Because she loved exploring new places, she traveled to such exotic spots as Mexico, Panama, Germany, China and Nepal.

Because she loved dressing up and pretending, she took up dancing—even though she wasn’t very good at it.


Along the way she learned that not all endings are happy. She learned that real happiness comes from loving life and all its adventures and from loving others.

And she never stopped making up stories.

Today that little girl is a happy grandma who lives in Utah, close to the mountains. Because she loves animals, she volunteers as a zoo docent.  

She still travels to exotic places.

She still dances.

And she still loves making up stories.

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                             Artwork by Jeff Davis

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